Moving to Silicon Valley

When you are thinking of moving to Silicon Valley, the first step is to get a proper visa from the USA embassy. You should get an appropriate VISA besides of ETA, B1/B2 if you are going to stay longer than six months. (See the inserted picture)

With a US VISA, you have to take following actions in order.

  1. To book the airline ticket to get to the USA
  2. Packing up stuff to move and ship all the luggage to the USA (Assuming you wouldn’t be able to know an address until you find a house you will live in)
  3. Onboarding to the Airline
  4. On arrival, you have to open a bank account since you have to spend all the expenses from now on; therefore, it is one of the most urgent things to do as soon as possible. You can find Bank of America’s brand most frequently.
  5. Now, it is time to find a car because public transportation in Silicon Valley is not as good as in any other big cities and it is also quite expensive. If you have a family with children, you might as well buy two cars, one for a primary vehicle and the other for a secondary one.
  6. You should also register two cars to the California DMV, which stands for Department of Motor Vehicles.
  7. Now, it is time to find a house you will resident. That is the most critical moment to make a right decision considering your budget and educational environment and some other factors that you would really care for. The duration of a leasing contract usually is one year, and it is likely to be a hassle to move once you settled down in an area.
  8. With a leasing contract and some proofs of your residency, you should go to the public school districts and submit to be allocated to a school in that area.
  9. You also need to make a contract for car insurance as well as renter insurance. (There are several large insurance companies, but State Farm and Farmers insurance are most common in California)
  10. And now, you will purchase things like furniture, electronic appliances including others to live.

You have to take a driving test to get a driving license which will be your photo ID. A driving test is included both in written exam and field driving test. (I am going to cover all the details later posting)

You become a US residency.

You can follow the reverse way if you go back to your country.

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