The English IR Pitch consulting service

Dates: April 22 – April 26, 2019
Place: Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley, Business Growth Support Center
Participating companies: 6 start-ups going global markets
Consulting Firm: beSUCCESS Global Partners Co. (aka BGP)

<Photo : ‘What is a Pitch Deck?’ presented by Alexander Perez>

Program details:

  • 1st-day: IR Pitch workshop (Three lectures + Recording video for IR presentation)
  • 2nd-day: Customized 1:1 Consultation
  • 3rd-day: Making IR video clip for final pitch + Wrap up

Although it was a short project period, the consultants in beSUCCESS Global Partners were all delighted to see the significant improvement following the consultation service.
The BGP team has equally made an effort in terms of customized 1:1 consulting, but there was a significant level gap among the groups. Some founders have accepted all the suggestions made by BGP for considerable progress, but others still remained at the same level.

Photo : How to make a stellar pitch? presented by Eric.Jeon

It is essential that all the founders in the startups possess confidence along with practices repeatedly.

We wish all the participating companies future desirable business results based on successful IR pitches, as well as the following meetings.

The industries where Blockchain-based tokenized platform will disrupt

The key issue here is where we can see the real use-cases based on blockchain technology.
First of all, I strongly believe that the blockchain will change a digital content marketplace with the tokenized economy system. There is obvious motivation for a content creator if someone gets a reward at the right value on a digital creation. Many creators have difficulty in making monetization in the current marketplace and there are so many middlemen between creators and a digital platform. The decentralized token economy will encourage creators to upload their own contents on the market which will make a new digital content marketplace much more activated.

Another idea where we can find out a benefit of blockchain is any industry that gathering all the DB from all the users will create a new value-added service. For example, we can imagine each owner of a pet will upload some health data of a pet and get a reward. Once we have a big data on pet’s health data, we are likely to provide users with not only a reward but something new valuable insights.

Also, online security is another one we can expect with benefits of the decentralized system.
As more community participation and improve a infrastructure of the blockchain, the future will be much brighter.


Moving to Silicon Valley

When you are thinking of moving to Silicon Valley, the first step is to get a proper visa from the USA embassy. You should get an appropriate VISA besides of ETA, B1/B2 if you are going to stay longer than six months. (See the inserted picture)

With a US VISA, you have to take following actions in order.

  1. To book the airline ticket to get to the USA
  2. Packing up stuff to move and ship all the luggage to the USA (Assuming you wouldn’t be able to know an address until you find a house you will live in)
  3. Onboarding to the Airline
  4. On arrival, you have to open a bank account since you have to spend all the expenses from now on; therefore, it is one of the most urgent things to do as soon as possible. You can find Bank of America’s brand most frequently.
  5. Now, it is time to find a car because public transportation in Silicon Valley is not as good as in any other big cities and it is also quite expensive. If you have a family with children, you might as well buy two cars, one for a primary vehicle and the other for a secondary one.
  6. You should also register two cars to the California DMV, which stands for Department of Motor Vehicles.
  7. Now, it is time to find a house you will resident. That is the most critical moment to make a right decision considering your budget and educational environment and some other factors that you would really care for. The duration of a leasing contract usually is one year, and it is likely to be a hassle to move once you settled down in an area.
  8. With a leasing contract and some proofs of your residency, you should go to the public school districts and submit to be allocated to a school in that area.
  9. You also need to make a contract for car insurance as well as renter insurance. (There are several large insurance companies, but State Farm and Farmers insurance are most common in California)
  10. And now, you will purchase things like furniture, electronic appliances including others to live.

You have to take a driving test to get a driving license which will be your photo ID. A driving test is included both in written exam and field driving test. (I am going to cover all the details later posting)

You become a US residency.

You can follow the reverse way if you go back to your country.

Differences in perspective and self-criticism

Translated by Google Translation.

<Differences in Perspective>

When I was in Dell Korea ten years ago, what my manager said was still memorable.
I talked to the manager for a while about many issues, problems, and troubles in the workplace. Then, the manager said, ‘Seonghwan, do you know the funny thing? More than 70% of workers think that they are working harder than the company or their managers think and do their job better than the company or their managers think.

However, in reality, the company or the managers recognize only 10% ~ 20% of people who work well and the rest do not know what they are doing.

low angle photo of four high rise curtain wall buildings under white clouds and blue sky
Photo by Philipp Birmes on

Could it be compared to the ‘difference of view’ that my experience is now being talked about 10 years ago? It seems to be a parallel theory. The difference in position can lead to a difference in individual performance. In other words, in my position (perspective), ‘I work so hard …. I work so well, why do not you know the company?’ But about 70% or more of managers think they do most of the unnecessary work. Is the story going too far? Anyway, I think it is necessary to have the ability to see what you are doing objectively from the manager’s or company’s perspective.

<Ability to self-criticize>
One day, junior, an expert in the field of personnel, comes up. “Sir, do you know that a person is a genuinely talented person who has a strong self-criticism ability? Those who know how to objectively identify their own abilities and positions, who are critical of themselves, have great growth potential, We have to pick talent. ”

It is not an era of solitary pride that only oneself is proud of their ability in this age. The ability to empathize with other people’s opinions, that is, the EQ should be high, and conversely, those who communicate their opinions unilaterally are not aware of it in easy words. EQ is low. Such a person will usually try to occupy more than 70% of the conversation without understanding the atmosphere around him. If I think I’m occupying most of the meeting or conversation time, I should be able to stop quickly. Let’s look around. Do you still think your colleagues listened to your story?

One of the ways to switch topics is to ask the other person. You have to ask participants questions and draw others.

Let’s develop self-criticism ability from an objective point of view through various perspectives.

Dubai is a platform itself

These are translated by Google Translation. Please refer that I will do modify later.

Dubai is a platform (Dubai’s platform strategy)

There are three things not existed in Dubai.

First, there is no tax. Second, there is no oil. Third, there is no free.

In Dubai, there are no individual income taxes dedicated to the province, nor are there any corporate taxes paid by foreign companies. For salary workers like me, it could be like heaven because you would get a whole budget without a tax.


There is no oil in the rich countries of the Middle East … What are you talking about? The Gulf Coast (GCC) is not that all countries have become rich countries with oil money. Abu Dhabi (currently UAE capital) in the United Arab Emirates has a lot of oil, but Dubai does not have enough oil or natural gas to make money. In other words, Dubai is an environment in which oil cannot be produced, like Oman or Yaman, but GCC and poor living conditions.

Lastly, Dubai is all about money as any other worlds are. Money is everything. Most facilities are made artificially, and living expenses and labor costs are very high, so if you do not have enough money, you will not be treated properly.

Dubai is itself a huge platform.

Middle East Asia. Literally, means the center of the world. In other words, when Europe was the center of human history, East would have been India for them and the Far East would have been about China, Japan, and Korea. South would have become Africa for them. East East, Far East, South, Europe is the Middle East Asia, which historically has been a trading ground between East, West, and South. Dubai is a place that has benefited from such geographical and historical advantages.

But what was interesting was that Dubai was the only place that could develop such a geographical and historical location? There are Kuwait, Saudi Arabia coast, Bahrain, and Oman and Yemen. Why Dubai? As mentioned earlier, Dubai is a place where oil does not come out. Dubai, where no oil came out, was merely a place for trade in India and Pakistan, selling silk, cashmere, and spices to Europe. The place of this trade has evolved into a platform. It is not a dictatorship, it is a kingdom, it is a political system in Korea and the Chosun Dynasty.

What they did most was making it difficult for many companies to do business by eliminating tariff barriers. The second is to have a variety of infrastructure and business rules to keep businessmen happy. In other words, it attracted them well equipped with facilities of transportation/communication infrastructure, places of trade, hotels, shopping malls, education, and hospitals. Perhaps early in the year, renowned hotels, restaurants, and coffee shop franchise brands might have given incentives to attract business.

For example, in the case of traffic facilities, Dubai has created a subway (public transport) called Metro, despite the small number of inhabitants. We are also making light rail. There is little public transport in Riyadh to the more populated Saudi Arabia. And it operates a huge number of taxis. Of course, these taxi drivers are from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. In addition, the mall is decorated with splendid decorations, and the show is free of charge every night with spectacular lighting and fountain shows. In the meantime, people prefer Dubai to Dubai one by one. In the absence of natural resources and tourism resources, artifacts are created and seduced. Only a handful of tourism resources would be free to open up, which would have had the effect of allowing tourists to stay a day longer, even at the beginning of the operating deficit.

Once the traffic is gathered, the time spending is increased, and business partners are in place, the ecosystem of the platform (platform), where foreign workers with cheap labor to find a job, And power. From that time on, it is possible to make its own business model. Various tour tours, entrance to museums, performances, restaurants, liquor sales, and so on.

If you were thinking about punishing money from the beginning, you would have to pay customs fees, fees, admission fees, and taxes. In the early days, however, the deficit would have waited for the long-term platform vision, collecting traffic from an investment perspective. You would have thought that there would be profit from the time the platform power came into existence. After all, people will be able to make money here because they will spend money while eating, sleeping, playing and watching. (Partially charged)

After witnessing the success of this Dubai platform, Doha, Qatar’s capital, is now following it. Qatar can be said to be able to eat well enough without worrying about the Nara platform business, which currently has the second largest GNP ($ 104,000) in the world with its oil and natural gas at However, in preparation for the future of oil depletion, the current government is investing heavily to become an education city, a media city, and a sports city. We are working hard to build infrastructure for collecting traffic. Bahrain, on the other hand, is rewarding efforts to recreate the glory of the pre-Dubai era.

Countries that do not have a vision of the city’s platform and who only believe in natural nature like oil (eg Saudi, Oman, Yemen) will be lagging behind. Indeed, many of Saudi ‘s codes go to Dubai every weekend to shop, entertain and consume money. It is because it is inconvenient to stay in the country variously. What it means to be lagging behind here means that one has to go to another country and earn money by doing less important things in inferior conditions. (In the GCC, it may be important for individuals to work harder than the concept of nation and state. It is presumed that the situation in Korea may be different but from my point of view,

It is not uncommon for our industry to see Dubai as a platform for a huge city. (Despite the signs of an economic crisis due to short-term cash liquidity issues, he is actually highly valued by the king of Dubai among the Arab states). In Korea, too, the wrong policy (for example, the game four addiction laws …), and how and when the lower-class people may be left behind. In other words, you have to go to Shanghai to get money and drive a taxi, or you have to go to a hotel in Hong Kong and have young women knock on a hotel room with meals and housekeeping with Ukrainians and Pakistanis.

Korea still has to learn more modestly and run more. Because Korea has more than three things, but there are more things than nothing.